Rainford Timber

Website Design & Development
Social Media

Established in 2006, Rainford Timber Co has emerged as a true leader in the Timber Frame Construction industry. With their commitment to quality and innovation, they have established a reputation that is second to none.

At Hollywood Agency, we were privileged to be appointed by Rainford Timber Co on their brand transformation. We carefully and thoughtfully rebranded them, aligning their look and feel with their core values of community, sustainability, and integrity. Now, their brand shines as bright as their exceptional craftsmanship!


We took their new brand identity and translated it into a visually stunning website that not only showcases their impressive portfolio but also provides in-depth information about their values and their rich 17-year history. It serves as a convenient reference point for main contractors to explore Rainford Timber’s credentials and gain a deeper understanding of their expertise.

To further leverage Rainford Timber Co’s brand awareness, we proudly manage their social media presence. Through our engaging updates, we keep users in the loop with their recent projects, raise awareness about their brand and its strong values, and act as a voice for the timber frame construction industry, highlighting its numerous benefits.